GameSeat cockpit for simulation

Raly, Race

and Formula 1 MAX RF1 = GP, Raly, Race and Formula 1 is the most innovative, unique and revolutionary cockpit simulation and absolute solution for gamers and drivers to experience in your living room, office, game room or anywhere. A true cockpit chair that is adjustable in any desired shape, covered with black white leather look, with the best quality finish, supported by a strong black steel frame construction with oversized oval telescopes, making the cockpit simulator the best qualities and offering guarantees with the utmost stability and comfort.

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Stability & Confort combined

Adjustable in any size

The steering column holder has been made compatible with most hardware from the market, and for mounting the pedals, MAX RF1 gives you the most stability and comfort. The large adjustable adjustment system allows all drivers, even the youngest Formula1 drivers, to precisely adjust the simulator cockpit so that their ideal GP, Rally, Race or Formula 1 driving position is very easy to find and take.

GAMESEAT.INFO MAX RF1 Simulator Cockpit – A revolutionary cockpit simulator that allows you to simulate in a real GP, Race, Rally, but also in the most comfortable and best Formula1 position. You no longer need a very expensive cockpit for F1 racing because the MAX RF1 is suitable for all your race and winning F1 titles by offering multiple positions.

Professional design

Designed By Actual Riders

The MAX RF1cockpit is designed by Maas van Beek (patent pending)  from the Netherlands and using feedback from professional drivers to give you the most authentic race experience. The MAX RF1 puts you in the cockpit racing seat with the precise F1 seat position as a true F1 driver and of course in professional GP,Rally and Race position to simulate all your races.

The revolutionary design of the Gamateat RF1 ensures a very rigid stable and tough oversized cockpit, but also the steering wheel, pedals and gear lever, which is very easy to adjust, can be easily adjusted in the best position for you as a gamer and driver. The steering holder is firm enough for professional steering wheel drives and the sturdy design of the pedal plate ensures you get a solid and comfortable race, rally and or Formula1 experience.

Finally, in contrast to all other racing seats, the racing seat is very easy to adjust in only 5 seconds in your desired comfortable yet equally stable GP,Rally, Race and Formula1 cockpit position.



GameSeat Package

3 position simulation cockpit,
Fully adjustable steering wheel, gear lever and pedal positions
High quality powder coating steel frame


Adjustable and resizeable

Steering, pedal and seat positions very easily adjustable.
Racetrack is easy to adjust, but also in the desired shape of your tub
5 seconds to change from Rally, Race to Formula 1


Robust and unique design for high end pedals and direct steering.
Compatible with all steering and pedals.
Just slide the elements together


Format and package

Packed in a beautiful presentation box size 75 x 50 x 45 cm.
Weight 29 kg.
Model deposit.
Easy and compact to clean up.