The Ultimate Patented Formula1 Racing

and Go Kart cockpit

SIM Sensation

Formula 1 Racing Game Seat – dual positions. With our patented system, effortlessly switch your racing cockpit from Rally to F1 driver position instantly, no special tools needed!





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With our patented system, the Formula 1 Racing Game Seat – dual positions, effortlessly switch your racing cockpit from Rally to F1 driver position instantly, no special tools needed!



DURABLE manufactures seats using sustainable materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and leather-look finishes. This not only provides the simulator with a stylish appearance but also ensures it is exceptionally stable, robust, and lightweight.

STABLE proudly presents the Game seat MAX-RF1, offering an unparalleled experience for enjoying realistic and thrilling racing adventures. It stands as the most comprehensive, multifunctional, stable, and cost-effective simulation racing cockpit in the market!

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Unlock the Ultimate Racing Experience with GameSeat!

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Plug-and-Play Compatible

Experience the ease of plug-and-play steering wheels on our seats! Effortlessly connect and dive into the ultimate racing setup. Elevate your gaming adventure with simplicity and convenience – it’s not just a story, but a thrilling journey every time you plug and play!

Compact and lightweight crafts seats from sustainable materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and leather-look finishes. Beyond our robust patented main claim featuring a fully adjustable hinged construction, the MAX-RF1 racing chair boasts a unique system. This system includes a seat and a backrest with a lower backrest part and an upper backrest part, connected in a pivotable manner about a horizontal central axis. The upper backrest part is adjustable to different pivoted positions relative to the lower backrest part, enhancing your racing experience with versatility and comfort. Drive into the future of racing simulation with the compact and innovative MAX-RF1!

Why GameSeat?

Versatile Racing Positions (F1 & Rally):

Experience the thrill of both Formula 1 and Rally racing with our dual-position simulator, offering the ultimate versatility for varied gaming experiences.

Suitable for All Ages

Designed for both the young and the young at heart, our simulator provides an immersive racing experience for enthusiasts of all ages.

Easily Adjustable

Enjoy personalized comfort with easy adjustments, allowing you to tailor the simulator to your preferred driving position effortlessly.


Unleash the excitement of professional-grade racing without breaking the bank – our simulator is not only high-quality but also affordable.

Patented Design with IP Rights

Stand out with our exclusive patented design, securing intellectual property rights for a gaming experience like no other.

Crafted from Durable Materials

Built to last, our simulator boasts durability, thanks to its construction with top-notch materials, ensuring longevity and sustained performance.

Incorporating High-End Technology

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology, as our simulator integrates high-end features to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.


Enjoy peace of mind with our extended 3-year warranty, showcasing our commitment to the longevity and reliability of your gaming investment.

Customer Reviews

Super Race Set for F1 and Other Racing Games

Review by Eurosel on 30 January 2024

An outstanding set for both F1 and rally games. I've had a Playseat for years, but this is a complete set for half the price, offering a superbly comfortable chair that can be adjusted into multiple positions on a very stable construction (much better than Playseat). As an additional bonus, it includes a floor mat, a TV stand, and a gear lever stand. The set's price is highly attractive, and the service is nothing short of fantastic. I received a set with an issue in the chair, and after just one message to, I had a new chair delivered to my home within two days. MAGNIFICENT!!

Best Choice for Racing Seat!

Review by Mbvdhorst on 12 December 2023

A supremely sturdy product with a well-thought-out design. Extremely comprehensive compared to alternatives. Adds an extra dimension to the racing experience. Thanks to its straightforward adjustment options, it's suitable for the whole family!

Good value for money!

Review by Mbvdhorst on 27 November 2023

I was looking for a simulator where I could attach a TV, so it could function entirely stand-alone. After some searching on the internet, I came across and saw the chair. Immediately upon seeing it, I thought it was a cool model. After watching videos and seeing the possibilities, I decided to give it a try.

It's really comfortable, no matter which position it's in. At first, it takes a bit of adjusting the chair, steering wheel, and pedals, but once everything is set up correctly, it works great. The beauty of it is that I only need to flip one switch, and everything starts up, allowing me to sit down immediately. Previously, I had the Playseat Challenge, which was also very comfortable. However, setting it up every time, connecting it, and the fact that I couldn't use my computer during that time wasn't ideal.

All in all, considering the price, it's truly worth the money. I'm happy with it!!!

Realistic & Functional

Review by Cemal03 on 8 October 2023

Fantastic product! Highly functional, both the F1 position and the rally/GT position are very good, and the seat is easy to adjust. The seat's position truly immerses you in the game, definitely recommended.

Unlock the Ultimate Racing Experience with GameSeat!

One Formula 1 Racing Game Seat, dual positions! With our patented system, effortlessly switch your racing cockpit from Rally to F1 driver position instantly, no special tools needed!

One Formula1 Racing Gameseat, two positions! Thanks to our unique and strong patented system your racing cockpit can be changed from a Rally to F1 driver position in an instant, without the use of special tools.

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