Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an instruction manual in the box?

No, because our constructions are extremely simple to assemble. However, if you need assistance, watch the videos on this page or contact us at: We’re ready to help!

What is a Game seat of Gameseat?

Our gaming seats consist of a racing seat and adjustable metal frame, ensuring the perfect racing position. Also known as game seats, gaming simulators, gaming cockpits, sim racing rigs, sim racing cockpits, GT Cockpits or gaming chairs with a higher backrest.

What length and weight can the seat support? F1 gaming seats cater to everyone from 7-year-old children to adults 2 meters tall. The maximum seat load of the Rebblers racing simulator is 120 kg.

What size screens can be mounted on the stand?

Our TV support and the Pro+ stand are compatible with flat screens/gaming monitors up to 42 inches, with a maximum weight of 20 kg. For an immersive experience, we recommend a curved TV or gaming monitor.

What are the dimensions of the mounted Racing Simulator?

When fully assembled, the F1 Racing Simulator measures approximately 150 x 55 x 80 cm (dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model).

What are the dimensions and weight of the packaging?

The F1 Racing Simulator comes in an attractive box measuring a maximum of 82.5×52.5×49 cm. The weight ranges from 19.9 to 30 kg (excl. monitor, racing wheel, and pedals).

Are all steering wheels and pedals compatible with the racing simulator?

Yes, popular racing wheels and pedals from Logitech, Saitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Hori, and others are compatible with our racing simulators.

What are the different models?
  • SIM GO KART Our basic racing gaming seat with a go-kart seat.
  • MAX- RF1 Pro+ Our unique super-fast adjustable frame with luxury racing seat and monitor support.
  • MAX-RF1 FRAME It is a complete, multifunctional adjustable frame which connects to each seat.
  • RALLY RACING SIM Versatile racing and rally simulator features a sleek black foldable racing seat, offering an optimal position.
What about the warranty on the racing simulators? F1 racing simulators come with a 3-year warranty on the frame due to their sturdy construction, reinforced corners, expert welding, and epoxy-coated frame.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Delivery times depend on the retailer from whom you purchase our products.

Other questions

For any other questions, please email us at

Unlock the Ultimate Racing Experience with GameSeat!

One Formula 1 Racing Game Seat, dual positions! With our patented system, effortlessly switch your racing cockpit from Rally to F1 driver position instantly, no special tools needed!

One Formula1 Racing Gameseat, two positions! Thanks to our unique and strong patented system your racing cockpit can be changed from a Rally to F1 driver position in an instant, without the use of special tools.

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