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Welcome to GAMESEAT.info, where our love and passion for Formula 1, racing, and go-karting fuel our commitment to delivering the best in innovative, high-tech products.

With many years of experience, we take pride in presenting the ultimate Formula 1, Racing, and Go-Kart Game seat, born out of a dedicated pursuit of excellence.

Through years of relentless innovation and development, we have crafted the most functional and flexible strong patented racing simulator globally, tailored to the preferences of our discerning users. Our Formula 1 Racing Simulator is a testament to our commitment to delivering a sensational racing experience.

What sets us apart is our focus on user preferences and our drive to eliminate the common challenges found in other simulators on the market. Extensive research led us to develop a gaming seat that is optimally adjustable without the need for any tools. We understand that adjustability is key to a truly immersive racing experience, and our simulator offers just that.

Unlike many other simulators, our GAMESEAT.info simulators are remarkably easy to adjust, catering to a wide range of users, from children (7 years and above) to adults up to 2 meters tall. The Pro+ and Pro++ models, in particular, can seamlessly transition from a Rally to a Formula 1 position in seconds. Our commitment to providing a seat that adapts to your preferences swiftly and effortlessly is unparalleled.

At GAMESEAT.info, we’re not just offering a product; we’re presenting the Ultimate Formula 1, Racing, and Go-Kart Sensation. Are you ready to elevate your racing experience to new heights? Discover innovation, flexibility, and the joy of a truly adjustable gaming seat. Welcome to a new era of racing simulation – welcome to GAMESEAT.info.

Unlock the Ultimate Racing Experience with GameSeat!

One Formula 1 Racing Game Seat, dual positions! With our patented system, effortlessly switch your racing cockpit from Rally to F1 driver position instantly, no special tools needed!

One Formula1 Racing Gameseat, two positions! Thanks to our unique and strong patented system your racing cockpit can be changed from a Rally to F1 driver position in an instant, without the use of special tools.

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